Wednesday, August 11, 2010

moments stretch before me....
moments i look forward to

moments i long for
moments i wish that i could endure.

situations appear
and i hide
i dream of a life

full of my wants.
every dream possible.
all my actions - planned to enhance
the world, enhance
my being..

being me can
-is, deceiving....

those pushing in- are not welcome
those invited- do not come
those i dream of- are only that...

i will wait.
i will, am, biding my time.
perhaps i will learn the desire to spend it wisely.

till then-
it is me
solo in my solemness
wishing for the world of wonders to
wondering if
i have already wasted
those best
and wondrous

i hope,
maybe i should pray
so many things-
it just doesn't seem worth it.

i think perhaps
that is my problem.

but in a world-
absent of all- with
only, maybe
a splash of color here
and there
and dreams sprinkled
here... and there...
or asleep,
at times it all blends....

and then what?

and then what i ask you sincere?
it all blends for me,
so what ?
now how can i see
to make my life
something better
since i am

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i sit
i hate
i wonder
i cry
i try

i know
that this is not the way
not the path

i am missing the journey

living in life
in the feeling


is the way
the path

i run
i love

i try
to live

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hey life! here i am!

where is my space. do i belong? i feel life is passing me by.
because of being passed-by,
i pass my time (most of it anyway) wasting it.

perhaps if i felt part of life, i would attempt (to) or already be part of it.

i used to live, so i thought

but now, now what?

Who am i? can't i live?

i know things i could do - but, its not that those things are just hard to do...
i would have a hard time upholding those things and continuing on with
desired intent (or goal)- from projects to relationships

Well - in another show of what a waste i am (as it appears to me)
i am done
i cannot keep my thoughts straight.... but more so, i do not have thoughts
done =

always. me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today's outfit. Cute and comfortable.

Accessory ideas. It is hard to tell in this pic, but necklace is made of a glazed sea shell giving it shine with some coloring mixed through it. It is corded with beads in a variety of purple shades. The earring are pretty kool. They are made of string to resemble the eye on a peacocks feather using dark blue, purple, and teal. I think either would do. But only one or the other. NEVER both. Two big pieces together is a mistake with this outfit. Have a nice day, its raining here, will have to find a different outfit to actually wear today, new outfits paired with rain doesn't work for me.

Shopping today!

Shirt; Fashion Bug: $14.49

Jeans; Target Massimo Bootcut: $19.99

Shoes; Target Xhiliration Cork Heels: $19.99

Bag; Tj Max: $16

Total Outfit: $70

An outfit well under the $100 mark. All pieces are very versatile. $Money well spent.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Another Day

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